Broken tool detector TYPE 202

TYPE 202
REF 202


The broken tool detectors type 202 are used to detect a break of tool or a parts presence or absence. Each cycle, the detector needle contacts the tool to sense its presence.


  Description Reference
Short fixing screw 0102VFTCX1
Long fixing screw 0102VFTLX1
Needles 202TPG
Y-shaped shunt 202YDD
Coaxial tube 202TCX
Hard chromium plated needles 202TPGCHD
Milled fixing rod 202TFF
Toric seal 202JTQ
Tightening screw 202PEP
Standard pressure switch 0102PST
Smooth fixing rod 0102TFL
Tightening yoke with a knurled wheel 0102NSEMV2
Screwed tightening yoke 0102NSEVV2
Fixing square GM16 0102EFXGM16X1
Magnetic support 0102SAI
Solenoid valve 110 Volts 0102EEV110
Solenoid valve 24 Volts - Single (Parker) 0102EEV24PKS
Pressure complete kit 0102KPC