Research and design department

Combining our high production manufacturing experience, with the latest technology, and creativity, our research and design department always works to develop new state of the art systems without losing sight of the constraints of the real world production environment. From simple improvements to total design and manufacture of electro-mechanical sets, our R&D department uses the most up-to-date technology to attain the customer’s objectives. (CAD, test bed....)

Each customer request is individually examined to offer the best application-specific solution.


DETECTOR'S services


Damaged or non-functioning components?

  • All products carry a full 1 year guarantee.

Beyond this warranty period, Détector France offers free and immediate expertise to evaluate your unit and quote the lowest possible repair option to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Loaned equipment is available upon request, for longer lead time repairs.

Installation or product use questions?

  • Do not hesitate to contact our technicians who will help to guide you through the installation and use of your system, free of charge.

Contact us for a quotation or technical assistance?

  • Please fill in our contact form