Our History

DETECTOR FRANCE, initially created to solve the problem of identifying tool breakage in the high production machining

environment, designed and marketed its first detectors in 1994. Using its wealth of experience in the machining environment,

Détector France also developed high-precision measurement gauges to the address customer concerns over other common

production problems, such as part length and diameter variation.Today, Détector France continues to work closely with its

customers to offer the best possible solutions to their most pressing quality concerns.

All our products are field tested in partnership with select customers before their introduction.

Manufacturing sectors

We work in partnership with many machine tool manufacturers such as: TORNOS, STAR, CITIZEN, ESCO, WILLEMIN MACODEL, EUBAMA, HANWHA, MANURHIN...

These manufacturers trust the Détector name, and offer our products on the machinesthey sell.

Our products are used in many manufacturing sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Watchmaking / jewellery
  • Medical / dental
  • Aeronautical / aerospace
  • Communication/ connectivity
  • Optical...